Our New Look - True to our Heritage

As the Washington wine industry has matured, so has L’Ecole N° 41.  The whimsical schoolhouse drawing on our label served us well and will always be an important part of our history. It was an early asset in the Northwest, highly recognizable and viewed by most consumers as charming, reflective of a sense of place and a small family-run winery.  As L’Ecole grew from a local and regional favorite into a national, quality-focused Washington brand, the child-like label appeared inconsistent with a wine of quality.  Many virtual wineries adopted an array of colorful, whimsical marketing-spun labels, creating a value wine category of under $15.  Our labels became associated with this category creating an even greater abyss between our wine package and wine quality.   

Our newly redesigned label reflects the extensive experience and knowledge we have gained since our founding nearly three decades ago.  Featuring an original painting, a sepia-tone illustration of our historic Frenchtown Schoolhouse, the label continues to tie our iconic Walla Walla Valley location to our winery.

With strong integration of the package from bottle to box, there is a clear delineation between the Columbia Valley wines and its sub-appellation, the Walla Walla Valley - our home turf. 

  • The black label Columbia Valley wines are crafted for richness and complexity through relationships built over three decades with growers from some of the oldest, most proven vineyards in Washington. 
  • The white label Walla Walla Valley wines are terroir driven wines, crafted to capture the elegance and beautiful balance of our best hometown vineyards.   
  • Our name, L’Ecole No 41, is now featured prominently at the top of the label, becoming the focal point of our brand.  The tagline, N° 41, is diminished in importance and encourages consumers and trade to refer to us simply as L’Ecole.

Finally, these labels reflect an enduring, sophisticated winery in keeping with the quality of wine in the bottle.  They convey the timeless quality of L’Ecole’s vineyard practices and winemaking, positioning the winery for our next generation with a classic package that transcends change.

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